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Recoilman is the first video game developed by our studio, Foam Creature!

Background Story: After years amassing a fortune with his crime organization The Bounty, our moustached superhero Recoilman realized that doing evil was not so cool anymore, as he was really on the same side than corrupt bankers and politicians!

...But to his surprise, once he showed to his goons the restructuring plans to become a good and gentle organization, they made a revolt and kicked him out of power!
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So now, Recoilman has decided to take revenge and dismantle the whole organization: with the help of Granpa and Prof. Pain -the only ones who didn't betray him-, he will have to reprogram the minions, the secret robot ninja army controlled by The Bounty, to fight on his side and give a good lesson to all his old followers.

Platforms: Initially we plan to launch for iOS / Android, but if things go well we expect to extend to PC / Mac / Linux some months after release.

Launch: We expect to have Recoilman ready for Q4 2015.

granpa coat of arms Recoilman

The hero with a moustache, the violet karma, so macho that he's able to save humanity from himself.

Background Story: Recoilman descends from a long line of villains and evil geniuses. Since childhood his devilish laugh frightened her nanny, his wicked posture terrorized his teddy bear, and before any prank he had already detailed the plan to his plastic army men.

Recoilman inherited and ran the criminal organization The Bounty until the time came when, during the culmination of his evil career, about to carry out his master plan, suddenly our hero changed his mind ... The people had no freedom, no peace, no love ... not even money!

Why the hell had he worked so hard to destroy humanity if someone had already done a better work?

"Nobody overshadows Recoilman! Are they all bad? For now I will be good ... muahaha muaha muaha mu mu MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! "

He outlined this new plan to his loyal followers, who immediately had no qualms about kicking him out of power.

Now Recoilman fights to dismantle his own organization using just the power of the recoil from his Super-Revolver, as he admits - "firearms make no real harm, only the bullets do! "
granpa coat of arms Granpa

Granpa is the founder of The Bounty, the crimson alliance that now his grandson, Recoilman, wants to shut down once and for all. With the help of Granpa, Recoilman will try to override the minions control protocols and join a huge robot army to assist him in his noble cause.
prof pain coat of arms Prof. Pain

Paul Malpatín is the dreaded Prof. Pain. In charge of the programming and training of minions.

Along with Granpa, Prof. Pain was the only one to join the cause of Recoilman, attracted by the great expectations on using new approaches and techniques to learning. Something not very common in his academic roots.
hatrobot coat of arms Hatrobot

Sir Phineas Bot is actually Hatrobot, cyber-gentleman, a robotic orange...

Background Story: It is said that during his creation process, a teapot was accidentally spilled along with several chocolate mints, just by tea time.

From its foundry-base he runs the robots production. Hatrobot abhors equality and lack of social strata. How does a mere human dare to compare to a newly updated robotic entity? - "There rzzzzz classes ... dear ..." -

His ultimate weapon is the Mob-Seizing Bomb, which teleports all the target's possessions to different bank accounts and deposits of the organization.
ovniman coat of arms Ovniman

Yuri GoGoRin is better known as... Ovniman! Man and UFO, social alien, non-cohabiting...

Background Story: Years of slaps upside the head, atomic wedgies and stolen lunchboxes converted the promising young robotics engineer Yuri GoGoRin into the solitary Ovniman.

Far from the madding crowd, in his moon base, Ovniman looks with disdain to mankind. He hates cooperation, fellowship and teamwork. Those gifts were denied to him, therefore... humans must be destroyed!

The high point of his career, his masterpice, the Discord-Sowing-Hackles-Raising Ray points menacingly against Earth, ready to spur stupid conflicts across the population!
mrpop coat of arms Mr. Pop

Sir Popcorn, Lord of the Lollipop, the smiling shopkeeper... As stable as a grain of corn in a pan.

Background Story: Little is known of Mr.Pop. He showed up at the organization as if out of nowhere, smelling of fresh popcorn, cotton candy and stale sweat.

His base is a former psychiatric asylum turned into candy factory and amusement park. Mr. Pop hates the human will, always clinging to their miseries! His treats contain substances that convert the unwary into submissive zombies. Sugar will make you happy!

His deadly final weapon, the Funny Missile, is filled with toxins that make people believe everything they watch on television and read in newspapers.
evilcat coat of arms Evilcat

The traitorous pet of Recoilman and current head of the organization.

Background Story: Hundreds of pampering, cuddling and gourmet cans. Why does everything have to end? Being good doesn't fit with cats. This kitten has spent years soaking up the evil plans of his moustached owner and is not willing to change his habits.

Evilcat has taken Recoilman's mansion and runs the organization with iron paw -for some reason all the other bosses fear and obey him-. It is not known what his evil plans are, perhaps he only miss his former owner and need some belly rub.
Foam Creature is a small, independent studio located in Seville.
We make video games for iOS / Android ( with PC / Mac / Linux coming in the near future). Here you can find an ultra-small description of its founders:

javier sanchez drawing Javier Sanchez Ladron de Guevara (developer)
A dual-profile developer and artist (but only dev for this adventure), he loves Borges, Moebius and Chipotle above everything else!

alvaro gamon drawing Alvaro Gamon del Campo (artist)
A talented comic artist, loving father and formerly passionate rugby player, you always find him surrounded by pen-and-paper RPGs (or listening to good ol' Metal!)
* June 09th, 2015 New Teaser Trailer for Recoilman
See our moustached hero preparing for its amazing new adventure!:

With the help of presskit() (thanks Vlambeer for this amazing tool) we have prepared a press release to announce our new video, you can check it out here.

I hope you enjoy our work, don't forget to vote or comment on the video!
* May 25th, 2015 Our Website has gone through a tiny facelift!
Well, to be honest, it has been a lot of work. Revisiting web design / web programming after a while wasn't a smooth ride, but we have finally redesigned our main website, and we think the effort shows!
See our fantastic before and after results:
funny before and after

...Ok, that wasn't it :). Let's go with the real screenshots. First the old one:

And then the new one (which you are surfin' now, but this goes for your completionist self):

Some of you have already showed your preference for the previous design, but believe us, it wasn't scalable at all, looked poor on mobile devices, the fonts were boring, and what is more important, we love the new design much more!
But of course, if you want to express your disagreement with bitter comments (lol), you can always reach us via twitter or facebook.

Our studio, Foam Creature, is located in the sunny Seville (at the very South of Spain)
We actually don't have physical offices -all the team works from home-, but for legal stuff (and presents!) you can reach us at:

Menendez y Pelayo st., 22
41004, Seville (Spain)

For more modern, electronic contact:

Twitter: @sunderkat, @javier_s_ldg